Waxing poetic about parenthood, adoption, our multicultural family, trying not to be an asshole, trying not to raise one.. and waxing literal assholes too.

Part of my job as an esthetician is advanced skincare but I also do waxing. Pretty much if it grows hair, I can wax it off.

I’ve worked in the spa industry for over 18 years. I’ve seen a lot.. a lot.
Five years ago, after over a decade of marriage, my husband and I finally finally finally became parents through international adoption. Our daughter is truly the greatest joy of our lives! She has also brought a new level of insanity and humor to our world.

This blog is an attempt to juxtapose the wackiness from both sides of my life.
Much of this can be explained in my Dad’s words:   “You think you’re really funny, don’t you?” …also “You should be ashamed of yourself.”