Holy cow, it’s literally been 6 months since I’ve blogged! I admit that I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator but good Lord, that’s an accomplishment even for me!

I initially had such grand intentions and truly loved writing my last post. I really gave it everything I had.. time, heart, and honesty. It was totally worth it too but sheesh, it took a lot more than I had expected. As it turns out, blogging is a bit harder than I imagined! Lol. But it looks sooooo easy, doesn’t it??

I mean, you see those long-ass posts with the coveted recipe hidden waaaaaaaay at the bottom and you have to scroll down past the center of the earth to find it, skipping past ten thousand paragraphs full of whatever blah they’re blabbering on and on about…
I mean, how much could you possibly have to say about Oreo Spider Cookies??
Yet here I am blabbering on about it because I totally made those spider cookies!!!!
PS they’re so stupidly adorable that it was worth all of that annoying scrolling! And it solidifies the fact that a 1st grade Halloween party requires mentally deranged spider cookies in order to be truly successful.



Oreo Spider Cookies

Halloween Oreos
Pretzel Sticks
Candy Corn
Mini Marshmallows
Black Gel Icing
Split the Oreos.. do that little twisty turn move.. you know the one. You need two Oreos per spider. And you’ll use the sides with the most frosting.
Break the pretzels for legs, cut off the white tips of the candy corn for little fangs. Shove it all into the frosting of the bottom Oreo half. Top it with the other Oreo half. Cut a marshmallow in half. Attach both halves to the top of the cookie with a dot of the black gel icing. Use one more dot on top of each marshmallow to complete those weird little eyes. Boom. Done.

Happy Halloween, my friends!!! 🎃👻🕷

And here’s to finally getting off my ass and blogging again. I can promise you that my posts won’t all be super epic and heartfelt… you can just go ahead and consider this Exhibit A 😳😂❤ But I’m back anyway!